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We have expertise in notarizing documents, affidavits, acknowledgments, oaths, jurats, depositions, pledges, and apostille processing. We have custom solutions for everyone, whether an individual or an enterprise. We make visits to homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels. We can go anywhere that is convenient for you. Whatever your notary needs are, we can meet them quickly and efficiently.

Loan Signing
Notary public loan signing is an instrumental part of the real estate closing process. Loan signing agents are available for all notarial transactions of loans at your location.
A jurat is used when the individual signing the document has to take an oath that the stated content in the document is genuine ensured by the notary public for legal proceedings.
An affidavit is a written statement signed under oath. Notaries can help to execute and finalize your affidavits.
To verify the identity of the signer and confirm that they signed a document, you need a certificate of acknowledgment. A notary public accomplishes the certificate of acknowledgment.
Oaths and affirmations are among the most common notarial acts. A notary public needs to validate oaths for them to be deemed authentic before the courts.
A deposition is the sworn oral testimony of a witness or other party for a future court proceeding. Notary services are essential for authenticating depositions.
Pledges are a form of notarial security interest granted over an item of property based on which a pledgee may levy execution upon the pledged asset.
It is a standard certification that many governments, both foreign and domestic, use to certify that a document is genuine and can be officially recognized. We can provide this fast document authentication service.

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